October 16, 2011

Books!!! Reading!! Digital Age vs. The Tactile Book

I need to take a moment to encourage people to buy books. The publishing industry has long been an industry that has suffered off and on with changes over many years. With the onset of digital books and the closing of giants like Borders and the downfall of many publishers that have been around for decades we really need to take a look at books and realize that without them our lives would feel so empty. I don’t think that books will ever disappear but I do see big changes (I have worked in publishing for over 30 years). I am not talking pocket novels but it is the fact that people are downloading pocket novels onto their digital devices that is causing the industry to suffer. Imagine all those people that visit a bookstore to pick up that bestseller never having to set foot in a bookstore again. What does that do to all those other books that are not downloadable or don’t read well on a device. Nature books, cookbooks, art books, travel books. Do you really want to download those onto a small device? Isn’t that something that you want to purchase and keep forever and store on your bookshelf? Encourage your kids to read!

Please think about this and pass it on to those who are no longer visiting bookstores.

Love your books!!!

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